June 21, 2021

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Could Jason Witten follow Jason Garrett to New…

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Could Jason Witten follow Jason Garrett to New...

This past week, Jason Garrett made the leap to join a long-time divisional rival in the New York Giants as their next offensive coordinator after being the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys for almost a decade.

Could one of his long-time players be not too far behind? Reports have indicated that while Jason Witten is considering a return to the field for 2020, it might not be with his long-time team in the Cowboys, but rather, the Giants.

Witten retired for the 2018 season and came back to the NFL to play for Garrett and the Cowboys in 2019. Witten had 63 catches for 529 yards and four touchdowns for Dallas last season.

The 37-year-old tight end has only known one team for his career, so it would be a strange thing to see Witten play elsewhere, much less the Giants.

However, because of Garrett’s influence and how close they’ve been over the years, it would make sense for Witten to follow his former head coach, whose offense he’s had success playing in.

The Giants, of course, would have to figure out what to do with the tight ends they already have on the roster. They have Evan Engram, who, while is a special talent, is also a bit injury prone. They also have Kaden Smith, who slowly developed into a starter in Engram’s absence.

Of course, all of this could be a moot point if Witten decides to either retire again or simply re-sign with Dallas and play for Mike McCarthy.

If not, the fascination and curiosity to see Witten on the Giants’ side of things and not on the opposing end is an intriguing one — and a possible storyline to watch out for this offseason.

Could Jason Witten follow Jason Garrett to Giants?

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