May 25, 2022

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Cowboys fans will love a recent TikTok with Trevon…

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Cowboys fans will love a recent TikTok with Trevon...

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs has a pretty great family. His older brother is Buffalo Bills WR and 2x Pro Bowler Stefon Diggs. And, his five-year-old son Aaiden has become almost as much of a star as Trevon has. While Trevon was on the field leading the league with 11 interceptions in 2021, Aaiden was stealing the hearts of America.

Aaiden first rose to fame when the Cowboys were chosen as the team for the 2021 season of HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” In a hilarious scene, Trevon’s son mistakes Dak Prescott for Patrick Mahomes after claiming that Prescott was his favorite quarterback. After that, Aaiden was apparently asked for photos at games and became a fan favorite for how adorable he was and how much he loved his dad.

Apparently, Aaiden isn’t just there to cheer on his dad during the season. On Tuesday, Bleacher Report posted a funny TikTok of Aaiden and Trevon in what looks to be an offseason workout for the Dallas cornerback. In the video, Aaiden is counting his dad’s bench press reps. Apparently, Trevon’s trainer told him to do 30, but he only got to 26. Aaiden looked… disappointed.

So, the trainer asked Aaiden what his dad should do. Aaiden responded, “now you gotta do 40,” which got a big belly laugh from Trevon. Aaiden doesn’t even crack a smile. Maybe the coaching staff needs to give Aaiden a call? He seems serious.

A wholesome TikTok emerges and reminds Cowboys fans just how adorable Trevon Diggs’s son Aaiden is

We look forward to many more amazing moments from Aaiden in the future. The NFL media has certainly taken advantage of his appeal by using him in several videos. In December, NFL Rush released a sweet video of Aaiden and Trevon breaking down film where he displays his best touchdown celebration dance and proclaims his dad as “the best cornerback in the world.” Patrick Mahomes even gave Aaiden a signed jersey for Christmas after hearing that the little boy was a fan.

Aaiden continues to get love from all around the football world, but thankfully, the stardom hasn’t gone to his head quite yet. All eyes will be on his dad as he hopes to have another fantastic season in 2022. We know Aaiden will be there to cheer him on and we can’t wait for more viral moments from this gregarious young boy.

Cowboys fans will love a recent TikTok with Trevon and Aaiden Diggs