May 21, 2022

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Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith expresses frustration…

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Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith expresses frustration...

The Dallas Cowboys had an incredibly frustrating end to the 2021 season, especially given how talented the roster was. Many prominent figures in Cowboys history like Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman, and others have expressed their disappointment with how the year went. Ahead of the Super Bowl, Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith expressed his frustrations as well.

Smith is one of the most decorated football players in history. The former Cowboys running back was a first-round pick, eight-time Pro Bowler, four-time All-Pro, three-time Super Bowl Champ, league MVP, Super Bowl MVP, and much more. The man knows what it takes to win and have success, and he also knows what it was like to resurge a struggling Dallas team – something he was hoping the 2021 team would be able to do, too.

The Friday before Super Bowl LVI, Smith sat down with SA Sports Star (a San Antonio sports radio station) to discuss the current state of America’s Team. The former Cowboy was not shy about his disappointment. He expressed his irritation that great talent is being wasted and that time is being wasted.

You can say that again. The last time Dallas was in the Super Bowl, Smith was the starting running back.

Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith is frustrated with the team and says talent is being wasted

Smith says the Cowboys can’t assume and expect to do something great with the same tired game plan. Things need to change in order to be great. He also quoted Joe Avezzano, a special teams coach with the Cowboys under Jimmy Johnson:

“As Joe Avezzano used to say, it catches up to you when it catches up to you. In other words, if you don’t eliminate the little foxes in the vineyard they’re going to eat up all the doggone grapes. And the grapes will be gone, years will be gone, and you’re going to find yourself starting over again. And fans are just going to get more and more and more frustrated. With Jerry, with the team, and everything else.”

This is quite the metaphor. Basically, Dallas is failing to identify what is hurting the franchise. They are wasting time, and before they know it, the talent that is there will be gone. Smith feels that applies to both coaches and players.

The former Cowboy told USA Today that the coaches have to communicate better, preserve timeouts, and make better decisions on fourth-down plays. For the players, the Hall of Famer says it’s all about focus and discipline. The Cowboys roster needs to execute at a high level on a consistent basis. Smith says until the players have a “serious commiment to excellence,” the franchise will only get “sporadic play” and “some exciting moments that might not ever last.”

His words may be harsh, but you’d think this franchise would want to listen to a guy who has proven he knows how to win. You can listen to his full interview with SA Sports Star here.

Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith expresses frustration with team in interview