May 20, 2022

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Cowboys release 2022 season hype video immediately…

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Cowboys release 2022 season hype video immediately...

Whether you ask the coaches, players, front office, or fans, the feeling is unanimous. For the first time in a while, the Dallas Cowboys had the potential to win it all this year and they just didn’t get it done. The team once again showed that they can’t seem to get it done when they need to most. Dallas has now gone 11 straight playoff appearances without advancing to the NFC Championship, the highest record for any team.

After the loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the Wild Card Round, many fans and analysts lost full faith in the Cowboys sharing frustration about the team’s inability to get further with such a stacked roster. The conversation around the franchise was far from positive.

Maybe that’s why the Cowboys’ social media team chose to put together an almost two-minute hype video to get fans back to an excited mindset for 2022. The video was tweeted out to the world just minutes after the Los Angeles Rams won Super Bowl LVI, which of course is far from coincidental timing. Essentially they wasted zero time saying the 2021 season is over, it’s time to put everything behind us.

So, Cowboys Nation, does this video get you excited for 2022? Are you still reeling over the disappointment from this past season? There is of course reason for optimism for next year with big names like Micah Parsons, Tony Pollard, and Dak Prescott returning. But is that enough for fans to feel things can change next year?

Dallas Cowboys release hype video for next season immediately after the Super Bowl

The video starts with a series of tweets and analyst comments about how poorly the season ended. It even shows the video of fans throwing trash at DeMarcus Lawrence after the Wild Card loss. Over the voices of Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott expressing their disappointment, videos of several Cowboys players slamming helmets or sinking onto the bench in defeat are shown.

A “clock” of sorts with the Dallas record of 12-6 slowly counts down with videos throughout the season to essentially signify that no matter what they did last year, it’s now all back to 0-0. Once the countdown hits zero, the feeling changes. You get the sense that “today is a new day,” and videos of the Cowboys thriving play over motivational music. The video ends with a black screen and simple white font that says “the new season starts now.”

Don’t get me wrong… it’s a high-quality video. But normally teams release hype videos before exciting moments. Ahead of the playoffs. Before the Super Bowl. Leading up to a rivalry matchup. The choice to release this when Cowboys fans are still sour and the Super Bowl hasn’t even been over an hour was an interesting one.

With undoubted change happening and continuing to happen in the NFC East, can the Cowboys live up to the hype? The Philadelphia Eagles may get Russell Wilson. The New York Giants revamped their entire front office and coaching staff. Washington is likely getting a new quarterback as well. Are you sold on the Cowboys in 2022?

Cowboys release 2022 season hype video immediately after Super Bowl