May 29, 2022

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Cowboys share sweet message from Tyler Smith’s mom…

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Cowboys share sweet message from Tyler Smith's mom...

When the Dallas Cowboys drafted Tulsa OT Tyler Smith in the 2022 NFL Draft, many fans were understandably focused on the prospect’s stats, stature, and play style. The 6-5, 324-pound player is ready to bring his aggressive and physical play to the Cowboys. But, he is also bringing a man with a humble, grateful, and family-oriented personality to the team.

From the Tulsa football website, there are a few fun facts to learn about Smith outside of his stats. His favorite NFL player is Barry Sanders. Avengers: Endgame is his favorite movie. Floyd Mayweather is his favorite athlete.  One thing that stood out was that he said if he could only keep one of his prized possessions, it would be his family photo book. Family is clearly important to the Cowboy.

The OT was born on April 3, 2001, to Woodrow Jones and Patricia Smith. His mother, Patricia, has clearly remained an important part of his life. For Mother’s Day on Sunday, the Cowboys’ social media team shared a video that Tyler received from his mom after he was drafted.

“I love you. I’m wishing you the best. And know that I’m rooting behind you every inch of the way,” the proud mother said.

Cowboys draftee Tyler Smith shows he’s a family man with an endearing response to his mother’s video for him on Mother’s Day

“The love is always crazy to me. But other Mother’s Days, they be kind of here or there. I do my best. But this one, I just want to thank you for being such a wonderful mother, and you going to see how appreciative I am this year.”

This video certainly makes it seem like Smith hopes to prove to his mom that all of her support and love were worth it. The first-rounder also mentioned his mom multiple times in his introductory press conference. When Smith made a joke about the press and critics, he said that he got his sense of humor from learning to make his mom laugh growing up. Tyler would crack jokes with his mom to diffuse difficult situations and avoid getting in trouble.

Patricia was there to hear it, too. A very touching moment from the press conference was when Cowboys owner Jerry Jones asked his new draftee to introduce his family to everyone. This gesture was a kind way for Jones to show that the organization cares about more than just Smith as a player. America’s Team wanted his family to feel welcome as well.

He sweetly introduced Patricia and his brother Isaac as “our unit.” Smith called his mom his “avatar” and “creator” and said that she taught him everything he knows now.

“All the on-field stuff you see, she’s got more of it in her than you know,” the draftee said with a giggle.

While we all certainly hope that this first-rounder turns out to be the player the front office hope he can become, it’s also nice to know that he comes off as a good human who cares about his family as well. Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Cowboys share sweet message from Tyler Smith’s mom on Mother’s Day