August 10, 2022

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Cowboys Week, And The Preseason Returns

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Cowboys Week, And The Preseason Returns

“Darren. Any predictions for the preseason offense? It’s funny, two years ago the O showed nothing in the preseason because it was suppose to be this big revolutionary thing. Embarrassing in hindsight. Last year we had no preseason. So what’s the call in 2021? That article you posted was full of the offensive presnap penalties seems to say the O needs as much reps as they can get. Just run the normal offense and dial it in. We don’t want another Game 1 where nobody knows the playbook while the live rounds are flying.”

I predict the offense will be as vanilla in the preseason as always, as any other team. That’s how things are done these days across the league. I understand what you are saying, but with the presnap penalties, for instance, that’s about discipline and the snap count, not about the plays themselves. We won’t see much from the offense, just like you won’t see much from the offense of the Cowboys, Chiefs and Saints.