July 28, 2021

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Dak Prescott’s agent decision will affect the…

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Dak Prescott's agent decision will affect the...

This news could effect contract negotiations between the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott

Like you, I was done talking about quarterback Dak Prescott‘s contract situation. But leave it to the Dallas Cowboys to always be in the news for one reason or another. It’s now been reported that Prescott’s super-agent, Todd France, and Creative Artists Agency (CAA) have mutually parted ways.

This is a typical end of week bombshell that is designed at downplaying the gravity of the situation by allowing it to dilute over the weekend. The ripple effect this could have on negotiations might determine the length and money the Cowboys will eventually pay out.

There little doubt the contract numbers Prescott will likely ask for will be astronomical compared to where everyone believed they would be merely a year ago. But this departure between France and CAA could be exactly the type of break the Cowboys’ front office needed.

Did France hold the Cowboys at ransom during contract negotiations? It appeared that way to me and many other fans. Widening the spectrum and realizing that two other franchised tagged NFL players that France manages also didn’t get deals done with their current team makes me wonder just how hard of a bargain he drives.

Pittsburgh Steelers pass rusher Bud Dupree and Denver Broncos safety Justin Simmons, both of  whom are both France clients, also had difficulties coming to terms with their teams. This begs the question whether teams are simply done playing games with this super agent.

If you still aren’t convinced, let me remind you that the Houston Texans traded their all-world receiver in DeAndre Hopkins for a second-round pick and a declining running back in David Johnson. Is it surprising to hear that Hopkins is a client of France. How did his presence impact that situation?

I am just playing connect the dots and certainly don’t have any inside information regarding any of these contract negotiations. The only constant in all of this is Todd France.

Dak Prescott has a huge and telling decision to make regarding his agent.

Now, the big question is what will Prescott do? Will he follow France in hopes of finagling just a bit more on the open market or will he stay with CAA? No matter what decision he makes, Dak will be scrutinized to no end.

If he stays with France, Prescott will no doubt be labeled greedy by some for staying with an agent and trying to leverage all he can for the best deal possible. If he opts to stay with CAA, critics will roast him for allowing France to prolong the negotiations ad nausea without coming away with a deal. Both instances are unfair to Prescott.

If Prescott does stay with France, the closer we get to the offseason, the more fans will dread the daily news cycle of why Prescott still does not have his new deal. I, for one, got sick of the back and forth and would love to put this to bed and move on.

If Dak opts to stay with CAA, questions will arise if Prescott was concerned about how his contract negotiations were handled. I’m sure that players take their advice from their agents without fully understanding what they are truly getting into until it’s too late.

I believe that Prescott will do the Cowboys a solid and stay with CAA as opposed to following France. This will allow for two things to happen. First, I would imagine that contract talks will become more civil and frequent. This will also allow both sides to regroup and toss out any animosity between them.

Second, no matter the outcome, an agent’s name will not be attached to the negotiations. It could be that France wants to be known as the Scott Boras of football. A no-nonsense market setter who always gets his clients the best available deal. Great ambition but the toll it’s having on NFL franchises is starting to boil over.

With CAA, the company gets to negotiate a fair deal that both sides can live with. No feelings hurt or ego’s in the way. Just negotiate the deal and move on to the next one. The greatest effect this will have is the fans will no longer be hostage to the national Dak Prescott contract debate.

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Lastly, mutually agreeing to part ways is usually a nice way of being fired. I’m just wondering if Todd France had a Jerry Maguire-like exit on his last day in the office? I just hope Dak Prescott doesn’t end up being his Rod Tidwell, a.k.a. his only client.

Dak Prescott’s agent decision could affect the Dallas Cowboys

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