September 26, 2021

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Dallas Cowboys continued success leads to a Jason…

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Dallas Cowboys continued success leads to a Jason...

The Dallas Cowboys are off to a hot start this season. Continuing on this trajectory all but assures that Jason Garrett will get a new contract.

The Dallas Cowboys are off to a hot start. Albeit against lackluster teams based on their performances thus far, they are off to their best start in over 10 seasons.

Specifically, the last time they got off to a 3-0 start such as this season was in 2008. While they would end up losing their fourth game of that season to the Washington Redskins, this season’s Week 4 matchup looks like it should finish in the favor of the Cowboys. While you can’t take Teddy Bridgewater or Sean Payton lightly, the absence of Drew Brees does make things a little less daunting than they would be if he were healthy and playing.

If they were to win that game though, which the belief from this direction is that they should, that would obviously take them to 4-0 and more importantly signal that this upward trajectory is the real deal.

Sure, the wins across the first three weeks of the season were awesome, but a win against a quality 2-1 Saints team in New Orleans to open the season on a four-game undefeated winning streak would all but confirm that this team is one to be reckoned with in the NFC. Yes, even without Drew Brees, a primetime win against the Saints at home is something to be proud of.

While all of this winning is happening though, are we all aware of what other gears are grinding? Here is a reminder, Jason Garrett is coaching on a lame-duck contract which means that he doesn’t have a contract beyond this year as of yet, but don’t fret. If you’ll remember, this is similar to what happened in 2014.

This was the season where the team finished with a record of 12-4 to win the NFC East. Ultimately, if the team continues to win and perform the way that they have over the first three weeks of the season, The Red Clapper will get another extension from Jerry Jones and Co. This is simply how their relationship has operated in the past.

While Jason Garrett isn’t an issue if you ask the author, many fans seem to be over his tenure as the headman of the Cowboys. Coaches have their specialties, such as Sean McVay being an offensive guru or Vic Fangio being a defensive specialist, and Garrett has his specialty too.

Much like Mike Tomlin, who many can take or leave as well, Garrett is a leader of men/CEO/Motivator type of coach. In example, after losing to Tennessee on Monday Night Football last season, the team doesn’t ring off almost eight straight wins to finish with a record of 10-6 unless they are buying what Garrett’s selling. No matter which side of his you fall on though, he’ll probably be the guy moving forward past this year as well.

The Cowboys could possibly take a two-game lead on the division with a win on Sunday night. The Philadelphia Eagles won a collision of a contest on Thursday night to move to 2-2 on the season.

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Unless Danny Dimes and the Giants can make a multi-game run and with the Redskins off to a 0-3 start, Philadelphia looks to be the main competitor when it comes to winning the division. If the Cowboys can manage to hold them off and win it, that should be enough to land Garrett a nice fat extension. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, to some of you at least.

Dallas Cowboys continued success leads to a Jason Garrett extension

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