September 27, 2021

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Dan Snyder releases strongly worded, thoroughly…

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Dan Snyder releases strongly worded, thoroughly...

Dan Snyder released an incredibly weak statement after the explosive Washington Post story.

Over a dozen employees of the Washington football franchise accused high-ranking members of the organization of multiple brazen acts of sexual harassment in a Washington Post bombshell. This nightmare has once again wound back to owner Dan Snyder, who stands accused of creating the most toxic culture in the league. Snyder has finally responded to the Post’s story, and his statement underwhelmed once again.

Snyder claimed that the behavior mentioned in the story has “no place in our franchise or society.” Snyder claimed that he welcomes an “unbiased” investigation from Beth Wilkinson despite the fact that Snyder hired her himself before boasting how the hiring of Ron Rivera as head coach will get this franchise turned in the right direction.

The statement sent out by Dan Snyder is completely unacceptable.

The biggest problem with Snyder’s statement is the fact that he didn’t mention any specific acts, people, or incidents by name in his statement. He could have mentioned how Alex Santos called a female employee’s backside a “wagon” before asking that same woman out on a date. But he didn’t. He could have addressed how a glass staircase was used to peek up female employee’s skirts. But he didn’t. Instead, he went for a generic, milquetoast, PR-speak statement that satisfied no one.

Talking up Rivera has literally nothing to do with the issue at hand, as players and coaches were almost entirely absent from the story. This team was forcing cheerleaders to serve as escorts for rich sponsors a few years ago, and this franchise hasn’t gotten out of the gutter since.

If there was ever a chance for the league to drop the hammer and force Snyder out of the ownership group, this gives them as much justification as they are ever going to get. Not only has Snyder perpetrated such a vile culture, but his explanation for it comes off as forced.

Dan Snyder releases strongly worded and thoroughly unconvincing statement

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