March 9, 2021

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Davante Adams making new inroads – with his QB and…

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Davante Adams making new inroads – with his QB and...

Adams was borderline jealous, wanting to reach the same level, but he’s finding that feel now. His record-setting 160-yard performance in last week’s divisional playoff win is the latest proof.

Whether it was the play-action bootleg passes run just as they’re drawn up or the improvised third-down route from the slot late in the game, Adams and Rodgers were practically unstoppable against the Seahawks.

The performance also sprinkled Adams’ name throughout Green Bay’s postseason record book. His yardage total topped the team’s single-game mark, previously held by Jermichael Finley, by a yard. The eight catches tied for second most.

His two touchdowns give him six in the playoffs in his career, tied for second behind Antonio Freeman (10). With three 100-yard receiving games to his credit, he’s tied for the top spot with Freeman, Greg Jennings and Robert Brooks, all of whom played in at least 10 playoff contests while Adams just completed his seventh.

“It means a lot, but I’m not after the records,” Adams said of his place in team history. “Doing what I do on the field, those will come. I don’t go into a playoff game saying I need a buck-sixty to beat Jermichael Finley.

“If I go out there and have a really good game, that puts us in a better position to win the game, so that’s the goal.”

From Rodgers’ perspective, the increased chemistry with Adams is rooted in his memory.

For years, Rodgers and Nelson would have conversations on the sideline at practice or during games, or in the hallway outside the meeting rooms, about plays and situations from past games. Those talks built almost a telepathy between the two on the field.

Rodgers said Adams’ recall is getting faster, so he’s starting to do more of that than he has in the past, chatting about things that have occurred earlier in his career.

“He’s realizing how important that is to improve,” Rodgers said. “That’s one part of his game that’s definitely changed. Being able to recall those things in those moments is how we’re able to get on the same page. He’s made a number of plays this season, plays that really show how connected we are.”

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