May 21, 2022

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Deebo Samuel Gives Insight on His Postgame…

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Deebo Samuel Gives Insight on His Postgame...

“At the moment I really didn’t know what he was saying,” Samuel said on Super Bowl LIVE, reflecting on his postgame talk with Beckham Jr. “I called him later that week… (Beckham Jr.) said ‘Sorry it ended that way, you had a great season.'”

Instead of focusing on the loss, Samuel showed support to his colleague who is making his first trip to the Super Bowl in eight NFL seasons. Knowing the history and the path Beckham Jr. has endured dating back to his career with the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns and now Rams, in their follow up call, Samuel made sure to remind the Pro Bowl wideout of his importance to his team’s success.

“‘You look like you’re the old O,'” Samuel responded. “‘Without you, I don’t think (the Rams) are in this position.'”

“They’ve got Cooper Kupp, of course. But he’s not going to beat you by himself. He needs the help. I’m just proud of the player he became and it just looks like he’s getting back to himself and I’m very happy for him.”