January 26, 2022

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Does Dak Prescott have your attention now?

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Does Dak Prescott have your attention now?

Dallas Cowboys fans have been wanting for Dak Prescott to win ball games with his arm. Now that he has, so does he have your full attention … and respect?

Ever since Dak Prescott took over as the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys he’s done nothing but help this team win games any way he could. Yet, Cowboy fans still wouldn’t give Prescott the respect that he deserved. Well, now you have a quarterback that’s shown he can take over a game when the running game isn’t working.

Over his first three seasons, Prescott was seen as a quarterback that benefited from what many at the time would call the best offensive line and running back in the game in Ezekiel Elliott.

You would always hear things like “Dak can’t read defenses”, or “Dak is too inaccurate to win games”. Yet, no matter how many negative things were said about him on social media or by sports news outlets, Prescott came out and just worked to better his game.

That work ethic has paid off for Prescott every season as he has just continued to get better and better in each aspect of his game and is not leading the league in passing yards, and yards per game. His yards per game (322), touchdowns thrown (21), and total passing yards (3221) are all career highs and there are still six games left in the season.

Against the Detroit Lions in Week 11, Prescott was named NFC offensive player of the week for the second time this season. In the Motor City, Dak posted his third 400-yard performance of 2019, throwing for 444 passing yards and three touchdowns.

Prescott has even gone so far to work on the little things like how he releases the ball at different angles to avoid defenders in his face and his footwork to help him drive the ball down the field.

Prescott has done everything asked of him and proven that he belongs in this league and is the man for the job to lead the Dallas Cowboys into the future at quarterback. Owner Jerry Jones is going to end up paying him and to be honest it should have been done at the beginning of the season. Prescott bet on himself and it’s paid off for him and in the end it will for the Dallas Cowboys as well.

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One last thing. Now imagine allowing Dak Prescott to start using his legs again after he’s shown his ability to pick defenses apart with his arm. That’s tough to game plan for if you’re a defensive coordinator.

So I’ll ask Dallas Cowboys fans again, does he have your attention now?

Dallas Cowboys Fans: Does Dak Prescott have your attention now?

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