Dolphins’ Bradley Chubb says defensive coordinator Vic Fangio has yet to laugh in Miami

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Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vic Fangio is one of the more well-respected coaches in the league, but he isn’t much of a jokester. In fact, Dolphins linebacker Bradley Chubb isn’t even sure Fangio has ever laughed before.

Chubb joined “Good Morning Football” and was asked about a funny story involving Fangio. Chubb struggled to come up with one, mainly because not many things are all that funny to Fangio. Now, Chubb and the rest of the Miami defense have a new goal for the 2023 season.

“I was doing an interview, and somebody asked if I had ever heard him laugh,” Chubb said. “Looking back on it, I don’t think I’ve heard him laugh. I’ve seen him smile and stuff, but that’s gonna be the goal this year: Get Vic to laugh.”

Although Fangio might not be hitting open mic nights anytime soon, Chubb does appreciate the consistency. The Dolphins know what to expect out of Fangio every time they step on the field, and that has helped the players get much more comfortable in his defensive system.

“It’s just how he is each and every day. He’s gonna be the same dude each and every day,” Chubb said. “He’s gonna challenge us in ways that we might be like, ‘What is he saying?’ When you understand what he wants from you and this defense, it just makes everything go by so much easier.”

Things seem to be working out for Chubb and the Dolphins with Fangio on on the sidelines this season. Chubb leads the team with 6.0 sacks and seven tackles for loss, and Miami is first place in the AFC East at 6-3.


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