June 25, 2021

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Eagles fire Shaun Huls and Shireen Mansoori from…

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Eagles fire Shaun Huls and Shireen Mansoori from...

The Philadelphia Eagles have been one of the most injury-riddled football teams in the NFL over the past two seasons and the organization recently took strides to change that narrative.

According to Jeff McLane of The Inquirer, the Eagles have parted ways with Shaun Huls, director of high performance, and Shireen Mansoori, director of rehabilitation,

Per McLane, their contracts were allowed to expire.

Huls was brought on by Chip Kelly in 2013 when the former Oregon head coach made sports science a premium at the NovaCare Complex. Kelly had Huls monitor the player’s sleep and eating habits from home or the practice facility.

After moving on from head physician Peter DeLuca and his staff after the 2017 Super Bowl season, the Eagles went from one of the NFL’s healthiest teams to one of the most injured.

Eagles part ways with two members of the medical staff, sports science team

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