June 14, 2021

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Eagles Season Ticket Prices Rise For The Fourth…

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Eagles Season Ticket Prices Rise For The Fourth...

When the Philadelphia Eagles raised their season ticket prices following their 2018 Super Bowl win, it didn’t come as a big surprise to anyone. But since then, the Eagles have kept raising prices year after year without warning, and that hasn’t sat well with some fans.

And guess what people, they’ve done it once again! Following an injury-plagued season that ended in the Wild Card round of the playoffs, season ticket members were sent their 2020 Philadelphia Eagles season ticket invoices last week, where they saw their ticket prices increase anywhere from $5-20 per seat.

Sure, I get it that the Eagles have a waiting list 40,000+ names deep, but this isn’t how you treat your die-hard fans. If they keep going up like this, and they don’t turn things around on the field, I’ll be forced to give up my seasons and just buy tickets for the occasional game from a ticket broker instead.

Other season ticket holders took to Twitter to voice their displeasure as well:

What do you think about the Eagles raising their season ticket prices again?

Eagles Season Ticket Prices Rise For The Fourth Straight Year

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