Emergency Third Quarterback rule explained: Things to know about NFL’s new bylaw for roster management in 2023

This offseason, NFL owners put a bylaw into effect that will have a noticeable impact in 2023. It will allow each team to field an emergency quarterback on game days that will go against its 46-man active roster. 

This was a significant move by the league’s owners, a clear reaction to what played out in the 2022 NFC Championship game just last season. The rule significantly reduces the likelihood for a situation where injuries at quarterback forced the San Francisco 49ers to insert Pro Bowl running back Christian McCaffrey at the position for a significant portion of the team’s 31-7 defeat against the Philadelphia Eagles. 

With that in mind, here are the specifics surrounding the new rule and how it could affect team’s roster management in 2023 and beyond.

What is an Emergency Third Quarterback?

A team must label an actual quarterback as their “Inactive/Emergency Third Quarterback” prior to a regular season or postseason game. That designation must be spelled out on the Gameday Administration Report that is turned in before or at the 90-minute meeting with the following stipulations met:

The Emergency Third Quarterback must be on the team’s 53-player roster; the player cannot be an elevated Practice Squad player.The team’s starting quarterback (QB1) and its backup quarterback (QB2) must also be on the team’s 53-man roster.A club must have two bona fide quarterbacks on its 47/48-player gameday active list to have an Emergency Third Quarterback. A club cannot designate an Emergency Third Quarterback if it has three or more bona fide quarterbacks on its 47/48-player gameday active list.

The emergency quarterback can only enter into a game if a team’s active, first two quarterbacks are unable to play because of a disqualification or an injury. The emergency quarterback could enter the game if the QB1 is ruled out and the QB2 is being checked out for an injury. Either of the first…


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