September 28, 2021

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Ex-Jets star throws cold water on Mac Jones’…

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Ex-Jets star throws cold water on Mac Jones'...

While New England Patriots fans are extremely jazzed up over Mac Jones’ arrival, it should come as no surprise that prominent New York Jets aren’t quite as pleased.

In other words, while we “can’t wait” for Jones’ debut on Sunday against the Dolphins, one prominent ex-Jet would like you to know without any regular-season evidence that he’s actually not that great.

It’s alright, guys. You can admit you’re jealous without name-calling.

Bart Scott, co-host of the (New York-based) ESPN Radio show “Bart and Hahn”, chose to talk Patriots this week because there must not have been enough relevant Jets storylines on the table. Based on the preseason and lead-up to Week 1, his assessment of Jones hasn’t exactly leveled up from Draft Day.

Despite plenty of evidence to the contrary — in addition to two decades’ worth of evidence regarding exactly how far the Patriots can go with a QB who doesn’t wow you with his natural physicality — Scott still thinks Jones’ ceiling isn’t that high.

We respectfully disagree.

Ex-Jets pass rusher Bart Scott doesn’t think Patriots QB Mac Jones has a high ceiling.

Is Jones’ ceiling … Patrick Mahomes? Is he going to be uncorking 50-TD seasons with a devastating ground game baked in? Probably not, no.

But from what we’ve seen thus far, Jones’ command of the offense and ability to play to his receivers’ strengths has gotten better legitimately every day he’s taken the field since April. If that doesn’t scream “rising ceiling,” then what does?

Nevertheless, Scott decided to hit us with this doubting gem:

“The growth is going to be stunted for a little while, because the ceiling isn’t that high for Mac Jones When you get an Alabama player, you get a player who’s pro-ready, but a player who’s close to being pretty much who he’s going to be, because he’s going to get tremendous coaching, he’s going to have tremendous football acumen. Tell me the last Alabama quarterback who came into this league and took the league by storm.”

And if there’s one thing that’s a surety, it’s that all alumni of the same college are exactly the same! That’s why Tom Brady and Drew Henson followed the same NFL path. This is a foolproof method for evaluating both present and future talent.

If you’ve tossed all your eggs into the “Alabama QBs are busts” bucket, then good for you. We’d rather continue to watch Jones run a familiar offense at an advanced level — and that’s prior to his first-ever regular season test, mind you. He’ll make adjustments if he has to. His ceiling hasn’t even been built yet.

Patriots: Ex-Jets star throws cold water on Mac Jones’ ceiling