May 22, 2022

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Exclusive Q-and-A with Bears defensive coordinator…

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Exclusive Q-and-A with Bears defensive coordinator...

Here’s a transcript of the conversation:

LM: What do you envision will be the identity of the Bears defense?

AW: “Our ‘HITS’ principle. We are going to be No. 1 in terms of hustle. Our guys are going to hustle, they’re going to run to the ball. That’s what Bears fans are going to see, not just hear from the coaches and myself. They’re going to see great intensity. We have a way of measuring that. They’re going to see our guys playing hard. We’re going to hit, we’re going to be physical and we’re going to find different ways to take the football away, because takeaways equal victories. The more you take the ball away, the more you win. And then you’re going to see us play smart, situational football. We plan on being top five in the league in not hurting ourselves with penalties, pre-snap, post-snap.”