January 20, 2022

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Factors That Make Head Coach Job Most Desirable

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Factors That Make Head Coach Job Most Desirable

The Vikings search for a new general manager and head coach is underway, and plenty of intrigue exists around each position.

Minnesota is among six teams (so far) looking to fill a head coaching vacancy, and Chad Graff of The Athletic said the Vikings job is “the most attractive one on the market.” Graff wrote:

Because of their GM search, the Vikings may have to take more time than other organizations to sign a coach. They may have a roster that needs change and major questions at some of the most important positions. But compared to the five other vacancies, the Vikings job offers the most opportunity, which should help them get whichever candidate they like best.

The Bears, Broncos, Dolphins, Giants and Jaguars are also looking for new coaches. There’s a chance the Raiders, Seahawks and Texans join them on the carousel. But either way, the Vikings can take comfort in the attractive nature of their job.

Graff pointed out that the Broncos and Dolphins both have talented rosters but also have “serious questions” at the quarterback position.

The Bears have a quarterback of their future (they hope), but he struggled as a rookie, they don’t have a first-round pick, they have dealt with dysfunction in leadership and there are questions about the resources the staff is given. The Jaguars have their quarterback of the future, but the rest of the operation is such a mess that fans dressed up as clowns for the final home game to mock the team’s owner.

The Vikings, meanwhile, can offer not just a talented roster headlined by 22-year-old wide receiver Justin Jefferson, but perhaps as important for a head coach, they can offer stability. Mike Zimmer got eight years on the job despite missing the playoffs in three of the final four. He had complete autonomy over his staff, which coaches value. Ownership didn’t meddle in his duties.