June 21, 2021

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Fastest Vikings, Greatest Distances & Team…

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Fastest Vikings, Greatest Distances & Team...

Kirk Cousins (12,335.97, which ranked eighth among Vikings) actually traveled farther than Cook (11,863.20, which ranked 10th).

Cousins rushed 32 total times (including kneel-downs) for 156 yards, which is the second-most in any of his nine pro seasons. Much of his distance involved going from under center to make handoffs or using fakes in the play-action game and bootlegging.

Cousins’ distances traveled have increased in each of the past three seasons since joining the Vikings. He traveled 10,561.62 yards in 2018, and that number increased to 11,893,52 in a system that relied on more bootlegs than the previous offense. The quarterback said he wanted to use his legs more in 2020, and he definitely did.

Offensive Coordinator Gary Kubiak had Cousins under center on 635 plays (62.7 percent), compared to 374 plays in the shotgun. Next Gen Stats also tracked three snaps in the pistol and one in the wildcat by the Vikings. Kubiak’s influence as a senior assistant could have been a factor in former Offensive Coordinator Kevin Stefanski having the Vikings under center on 661 plays, compared to 293 in the shotgun and one in the pistol in 2019. The previous season, which began with John DeFilippo as offensive coordinator, Cousins was in the shotgun on 595 plays, compared to 386 under center and 10 in the pistol.