July 31, 2021

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For Steve Keim, Confidence In Kyler Murray At A…

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For Steve Keim, Confidence In Kyler Murray At A...

Murray still has improving left to do. He isn’t quite as plug-and-play-at-a-high-level in his career as say, an Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. But he is getting closer.

That’s all Keim is looking for now – continued growth. Through two years, Murray’s efforts to earn him NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and then a Pro Bowl nod last season put the tangible on what Keim sees from his QB.

The wins haven’t yet come in the amount hoped, but that is driving Murray most of all.

“Emotionally (last season) was definitely frustrating, especially for a guy like me,” Murray said. “I want to win. Not going to the playoffs is weird for me. I know it’s the NFL and I haven’t been yet, but … I’ve always played past the regular season, in every sport. It’s different. I am definitely not looking to get used to that.

“It’s definitely upsetting, lot of anger and frustrating when you are losing those games you think you should win. At the same time, I’m a self-motivated guy. I take all that as motivation.”

Keim believes the addition of veteran Colt McCoy not only stabilizes the position in case of injury, but also will help in the quarterbacks room, where Cam Turner – who already had a good relationship with Murray – takes over as quarterbacks coach.

Kliff Kingsbury was spending less time with the quarterbacks at offseason practices as the past, preferring instead to be more all-encompassing as individual drills were held. That too shows confidence not only in Turner but where Murray stands in his learning curve.

“It’s the little things,” Keim said. “Whether it is seeing the field or playing with a little more consistency. Knowing we have a guy who is a game-changer and a special player, he is a rare competitor. I have no question he will continue to grow and develop in all those areas.”