April 17, 2021

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For the Dallas Cowboys, the 2020 NFL Draft will be…

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For the Dallas Cowboys, the 2020 NFL Draft will be...

The Dallas Cowboys drafts over the past few years while strong have left fans scratching their heads. This year with a new head coach look for that to change.

The Dallas Cowboys over the last few seasons have been hitting on a lot of players in their drafts thanks to the vice president of player personnel Will McClay who scouts and builds the Cowboys draft boards.

But, while they have knocked it out of the park with some draft picks others have left fans and analyst scratching their heads. And with each of those picks, the reason we heard they were drafted was because of the positional flexibility.

Now that a new head coach is running the show, hopefully, that phrase is something Cowboys fans will not have to hear when the owner and general manager Jerry Jones, director of player personnel Stephen Jones, and head coach Mike McCarthy talk about the 2020 draft picks.

The Dallas Cowboys have consistently drafted players on traits on positional flexibility when they should have been looking for players at positions of need that can play the position needed.

Especially on the defensive line, tight end and safety position where they liked undersized lineman that can play either tackle position, tight ends that can block over pass-catching, and safeties that can play cornerback.

McCarthy during his time with the Green Bay Packers drafted players at a position and that would be the position they stayed at when they got on the field. That should bring a smile to each Dallas Cowboys fan hoping to see a change in how things are going to be run in the organization.

You can expect to see players compete for spots on the roster based on their talent and not their ability to play two positions which may confuse them if they ever have to play in a game, or they are friends with a coach and that allows them to get more playing time than a player with more talent.

So here is what I predict you will see that is different from the previous drafts.
  • A defensive tackle that is over 310 pounds and is drafted to stop the run.
  • A strong safety who can tackle in space and has ball skills.
  • A cornerback that isn’t just around the football because he is tall but can intercept the ball no matter his height.
  • A tight end that is more than just an in-line blocker.
  • A true speed rusher at right defensive end to help DeMarcus Lawrence.
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So let’s hope that it’s bye-bye position flexibility and this actually happens because if it doesn’t Dallas Cowboy fans can start looking forward to the same typical head-scratching moments in 2020.

Why the 2020 NFL Draft will be different for the Dallas Cowboys

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