January 22, 2022

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Former Patriots LB reignites Super Bowl LII…

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Former Patriots LB reignites Super Bowl LII...

New England Patriots fans are very much victimized by the “Disease of More.”

They had two dynasties? Well, why not three? Tom Brady won six rings in the uniform? Sure, but it could’ve been eight if not for the New York Giants … and nine if not for Nick Foles … and man, if they hadn’t had to go to Denver, it just might’ve been 11.

Every sports fan of a generational team that came up short a few times feels this way, to be honest. It’s the nature of the beast. Missed opportunities resonate more than victories, which typically feel like more of an exhale than a celebration. Ah, sweet relief. We won.

It might comfort Pats Nation to know that their former players all feel the same way, as evidenced by former LB Marquis Flowers‘ behavior early on Saturday morning — and we do mean early.

At 8:14 AM EST, Flowers chose violence, simply posting a picture of Corey Clement’s borderline touchdown in Super Bowl LII against the Eagles that helped propel Philly to the upset victory. Imagine waking up like this mid-pandemic nearly four years later? You just might be … hungry enough to be a New England Patriot.

Former Patriots LB Marquis Flowers is still upset about losing to the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

Now do Zach Ertz bobbling the Jesse James catch next, Marquis! There’s another one in this very same game!

Plus, as Marquis’ mentions made clear, Pats fans are still, uh, a little dubious about the legality of the Philly Special, to say the least.

The ex-Patriot tried to calm the waters a few hours after sending his initial tweet, claiming that Clement’s juggled catch, along with the rest of the Eagles’ win, was “water on the bridge.”

Unfortunately, what’s “on” the bridge is decidedly not under the bridge, as Flowers made clear by accusing Philly of an uncalled false start before the tweet even finished.

We don’t blame Flowers for being sad his team ultimately came up short, but perhaps it’s worth not shining the “questionable call” light too strongly on the Patriots organization. You’d think the Foxborough faithful would be satisfied with that since the referees pulled the Tuck Rule out of an old, dusty room at the proper moment in time to set their dynasty in motion, and would probably keep all this Eagles stuff mum.

Nope. 8:00 AM, relaxing weekend indoors, COVID raging … time to talk about getting two feet down several years ago.

While this tweet likely bummed Patriots fans out, at least Flowers followed it up with a gem that’ll whet their appetite for modern football all over again.

In fairness to Flowers, he never did get that elusive ring, as he was released prior to the 2018 season.

Perhaps he should just lobby the organization for some hardware from that campaign? There’s probably some leftover Pats-Rams gear lying around.

Former Patriots LB reignites Super Bowl LII controversy out of nowhere