September 19, 2021

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‘Hail Murray’ Named NFL’s Clutch Performance Play…

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'Hail Murray' Named NFL's Clutch Performance Play...

The “Hail Murray” touchdown pass from Kyler Murray to DeAndre Hopkins that beat the Bills was one of the greatest plays in Cardinals’ history.

It was certainly the best of the NFL season.

So really, it was no surprise that the Hail Murray was named the Bridgestone Clutch Performance Play of the Year during the NFL Honors show Saturday night on Super Bowl eve.

The 43-yard touchdown with two seconds left in the game provided the winning points in a 32-30 win.

“My preparation, my mindset is that I know I went over this a 1,000 times,” Hopkins said in a taped interview. “But I told Kyler that if no one jams me or no one presses me, then I’m running straight because I knew if I could get downfield, I could get down there fast enough to be able to make the catch.

“I told myself I know I can go up and get it.”

Murray took the snap and spun left, avoiding a tackler before heaving the ball into the end zone. Hopkins had two Bills on either side of him and a third fly in as the ball was arriving but he managed to grab it with his monstrous hands and hang on. Murray actually ended up with his back to the play, watching it unfold on the giant video screen at the opposite end of the field.

“It was crazy, man,” Hopkins said. “It landed perfect and in my head I was like, ‘I’ve got to hold on to the ball.’ I know it was called the ‘Hail Murray’ but it was definitely both of ours and you can’t take anything away from that.”