July 29, 2021

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Happy National Dog Day — here’s Zion Williamson’s…

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Happy National Dog Day -- here's Zion Williamson's...

It’s National Dog Day. Seven college football teams have dog-related nicknames and more have dog mascots. However, no major league teams in America have dogs for nicknames. There are Timberwolves and Coyotes but, since we’re dog-lovers, we know those are different members of the Canis genus.

The closest you get in pro sports is the Dawg Pound, fans of the Cleveland Browns. In fact, the last sports team to get a new name — the NHL’s Seattle Kraken — took theirs from a mythological creature. Come on!

Nothing else needs to be said, so let’s get to looking at the top dogs from around the sports world.

Air Bud(s)

Air Bud: Golden Receiver(s)

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College Hounds

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Snow dogs

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