September 26, 2021

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Hard Knocks returns tonight, if anyone is still…

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Hard Knocks returns tonight, if anyone is still...


With the Andrew Luck retirement dominating the NFL discussion for the past three days, it may be easy to forget that a new episode of Hard Knocks airs every Tuesday night. It does, with the fourth episode of the 2019 season debuting tonight.

Now that the Antonio Brown helmet fiasco has ended and his feet have regrown their skin, there will be less natural interest in the show than there was a week ago, especially in the Schadenfreude City, where the folks residing along the Three Rivers generated triple the national average rating for the third episode.

This week, the big news is old news — the Thursday night debacle in Winnipeg, where the Raiders hosted the Packers on a shortened field that, in the one-minute teaser trailer, Oakland coach Jon Gruden calls “Arena Football.”

There’s a chance Arena Football would generate higher ratings than Hard Knocks tonight. Last week, the audience sunk by 12.5 percent, even though AB was still the A topic. This week, unless Hard Knocks sprinkles in some footage of Luck being peppered with boos and otherwise covers the unexpected trials and tribulations of the team the Raiders play in Week Four of the regular season, it will be a challenge to generate much/any interest.

Hard Knocks returns tonight, if anyone is still interested

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