May 22, 2022

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He seemed to be really coming on strong

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He seemed to be really coming on strong

Congratulations to David Bakhtiari on his marriage. I hope he and Aaron Rodgers celebrated with a beer chug!

I’m sure plenty of beverages were consumed plenty quickly. But yes, all the best to Dave.

The Wisconsin men’s basketball game was not available here on the left coast and the outcome was disappointing to say the least. I watched the highlight of the flagrant foul on Johnny Davis and heard the commentators remark, “Not too much to see there.” Hunh? It seemed like a textbook definition of a flagrant foul, or am I mistaken?

The officials got it right with the flagrant 2 call. I just hope Davis is OK, if not for this week then more importantly next.

LOVED the story you did on Marge Switzer! She is a quintessential PACKER. Quality all the way. Think how many players have worn the benefit of her work where the whole world could see it. She should be featured in a 50-yard line ceremony at halftime next season. Seriously.

It was a real treat (or shall I say, stitch? I’ll see myself out) to chat with Marge about her memories and favorite stories. I could have listened for hours. What a wonderful person. I hope I did her amazing Packers career justice, and we all wish her well in retirement.

The little kid with Packers helmet, and a Marge Switzer autograph? That story made my day! “He kept seeing me, so I had to be somebody important.” A perfect example of how the Packers Nation truly stands out. Thank you, Spoff.

When she mentioned Bart Starr being a “rock star” in her eyes, I told her she had become a rock star on our website for all the videos we’ve posted regarding prep for third jerseys, captains’ patches, etc. Truly special, and she’ll be missed.

I believe Mr. Butler stated that Mrs. Butler would be his presenter for the HOF. This piece of news was from the Charlie Berens’ podcast “Cripescast.” It is episode No. 88. Kid you not. I highly recommend listening to these podcasts. Eclectic and informative. Watch out for deer.

Lori from Heredia, Costa Rica

Hey Mike, I heard Mark Murphy talking in an interview recently that the Packers game in London will be either Week 4 or 7.

Yet another update from the readership. I had heard that internally as well but wasn’t sure it was for public consumption. If Mark’s talking about it, then we can too.

Michael from Burnsville, MN

Do we know if we have a bye after London, is that standard?

I believe that’s the expectation, which would probably mean hoping the London game is Week 7, so the bye is more towards the middle of the season.

Here’s your OT solution. One possession, coin flip determines choice, kick or receive. Whoever is designated to kick gets spotted two points. The receiving team has one possession. TD or FG gives them the win. The D makes any sort of stop, including a missed FG, the defending team wins. Short, sweet, with an element of sudden death.

Not bad. Not the craziest idea in the world, and one that could get me on board. But again, another that’ll never happen. I like the creativity and unconventionality in the thinking without being too gimmicky yet deciding the game quickly.

Which players from the 2021 draft that didn’t, for whatever reason, make an impact on the Packers this past season do you most look forward to making that second-year (possibly Lambeau) leap?

The one that’ll garner the most attention is Amari Rodgers. But the one I’ll be watching just as closely is T.J. Slaton. He seemed to be really coming on strong as the season ended.

Laurie from Sheboygan, WI

In Saturday’s II it was stated the Packers typically convert tackles to guards, but not the other way around. What are the differences in the position responsibilities which make it more difficult to convert guards to tackles?

It’s not so much the responsibility as the athleticism required, particularly footwork, because tackles have to pass protect much more in space as opposed to in tighter quarters like guards. That’s what makes what Elgton Jenkins has done his first three seasons in the league all the more remarkable.

Good morning. During the NFL Scouting Combine they referred to Utah’s Devin Lloyd as an “off the ball” linebacker. Could you explain this position in layman’s terms? Thanks.

It’s just a reference to where the defender typically lines up – on the line of scrimmage, or a few yards off it. De’Vondre Campbell would be an example, for the most part, of an “off the ball” linebacker, whereas edge rushers like Rashan Gary are not considered such.

Gary from Cross Plains, WI

I couldn’t agree with Mike more on the watering down of playoffs. But note the NBA is now to 20 of 32 making the playoffs by having the extra play-in for the bottom four of each conference. Maybe they don’t call it playoffs, but it isn’t regular season either. And the West pretty much is guaranteed at least one team well under .500 still playing after 82 games are done. What’s the point? Way better with winning teams battling at the end of the regular season to see who’s in and who’s out.