How Jeff Brohm plans to give Louisville immediate return on investment in first season back at alma mater

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — On some level, Louisville football has always been lying in wait for the return of Jeff Brohm. The hometown native who played quarterback for the Cardinals and even returned for a stint as an assistant coach has remained close with the community throughout his coaching journey. Head coaching stops at Western Kentucky and Purdue meant he was never too far, and the ground swell of local support always seemed to make a return to lead the Cardinals seem like a matter of time. 

As Scott Satterfield’s relationship with the program and community eroded following a strong start, it was worth considering whether Louisville might make a move to try and bring Brohm home. But Satterfield made it easy on the Cardinals, choosing to leave his post for the vacancy at Cincinnati. With no buyouts or hard feelings to hinder the move, Louisville delivered what so many fans had been pining for in recent years. Jeff Brohm is home, and now he’s got the full support of a school and community hungry to see Louisville compete with the best in the ACC. 

The desire for excellence at a place like Louisville can translate to more investment and increased resources, and Brohm has recognized the opportunities to build out a roster for immediate success. Combine the infusion of new talent with a favorable roster, and there’s a lot of positivity around Louisville being one of the great success stories in the ACC in 2023. 

That’s real pressure that Brohm can feel on a deep level, because he feels those people who are investing financially and emotionally deserve a return. Simply put, he doesn’t want to disappoint everyone who believes in him. 

“When it comes to coming back to where I’m from and where I played at, it’s a great honor. It’s a great…


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