July 29, 2021

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I wish we all could have been in that meeting

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I wish we all could have been in that meeting

I find it interesting that some teams are putting forth an effort to establish a run-heavy offense. Especially after years of teams building defenses to stop the passing game in what became a pass-heavy league. The circle of a run attack versus a pass attack continues to thrive depending on how defenses are built. Thus keeping the game entertaining for us fans.

What makes football so great is you never know what you’re going to get in this league. There are so many ways to win, but yet the game is so cyclical in nature. Right now, we’re moving back into the age of run offense and bunch formations after the shotgun spread dominated for a time.

John from Casablanca, Morocco

Do drafted players who haven’t signed a contract yet have full access during this virtual offseason, to the playbook and coaches, or are there restrictions until they have signed their contract?

Yes. It’s all available to them. If life were normal right now, they’d also be permitted to practice with the rest of the team during the offseason program.

Do teams have budgets in their cap for various position groups? Meaning only X dollars are allocated to a RB group and if a contract causes the team to exceed the budget for the group, they pass on the player? If so, do you have any examples?

I can’t think of any team that allocates resources that way. They might value one position over another but I don’t know of any who put a price tag on it. Your best players are your best players and you pay them as such.

If you were a coach who had to teach virtually, what would you do to make the installation more interesting for your players?

Keep it light and keep it entertaining. Nobody wants to listen to a teacher/coach reading off a PowerPoint. They wanted to be engaged and to stay engaged. I’m not privy to the specifics of these presentations the coaches have assembled but it sounds like they’re hitting the right notes.

Hi Wes, Matt LaFleur teams did not make a fourth-round pick in ’20, ’19, or ’18 (Titans). Those picks went to trade up in the first round, netting Jordan Love, Darnell Savage, and Rashaan Evans (Titans). I love Savage and like Love. Some fourth-rounders from the last 10 drafts: Blake Martinez, Za’Darius Smith, B.J. Goodson, Davon House, Bashaud Breeland, Jamaal Williams, Dean Lowry, Jake Ryan, JC Tretter, Mike Daniels and David Bakhtiari. What are your thoughts on trading away fourth-rounders to move up?

That’s the price of playing poker in the first round. Those fourth-rounders are right in the sweet spot of the draft-value chart. Since the Packers haven’t had any compensatory picks the past two years, they haven’t really had any extras laying around to still draft a Martinez, Daniels or Lowry. I have a hunch that’ll change next year with the Packers likely to get a fourth for Martinez and a fifth for Bryan Bulaga.

Terry from Sun Prairie, WI

What rookie are you looking forward to seeing play this year?

Quick follow-up to the changed contract of Lane Taylor. Do you think the Packers first tried to trade Taylor for a player, or even a draft pick? Then, the pay cut was the last option?

I’ve always felt Lane Taylor is too valuable to release or even trade because he’s an established veteran who can play tackle in a pinch. It’s a solid insurance policy for a deep offensive line and the restructure gives Taylor security during uncertain times to work back from a devastating injury. It’s the best outcome for both sides.

What is your perspective of having a full Packers season?

I’m in favor of it…assuming it can be done safely, of course.

Bill from Maple Grove, MN

Do you think Tim Boyle has a legitimate chance to be QB2 or does Jordan Love get an unstated edge by being a first-round draft pick?

The longer it takes for players to get into camps, the more I say the odds favor Boyle. I still think the Packers keep three quarterbacks this year, especially with having two extra roster spots to work with each week.

There has been a lot of criticism of the Packers not going “all in” this offseason to win a championship. The logic behind the criticism is that if a team gets to the final four it will have a solid chance of getting at least that far in the following season. Looking at the last 40 teams to make the NFL final four, only 13 of them (32%) actually did it. And, for teams other than New England, the chance of getting back to the final four was only 18%. Glad the Pack isn’t all in with those odds!

Serious question – can anyone name a team that was “all-in” and then won a Super Bowl that year? Good teams are built to last, not just for one banner year.


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