June 25, 2021

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If fate’s your thing, Sunday was your day

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If fate's your thing, Sunday was your day

The Dallas Cowboys continued to flounder while dropping games to seemingly contending teams. Here’s why you might not be so quick to write them off yet.

The Dallas Cowboys have been sputtering for a while now as we continue to progress through the 2019-20 season. While they have dropped three of their last four games, losing to the Minnesota Vikings, the New England Patriots, and the Buffalo Bills, they have also seemed to drop every game this season where they were up against a team that appears to be a contender this season.

While they have beaten the less than stellar teams around the league that have been on their schedule, losing to the good teams usually signal that a team isn’t that good themselves. While you may have enough evidence to say that about the Cowboys right now, it may be a bit too quick to write them off, although not entirely by their own volition.

If you believe in the mystical yet sometimes confounding principles of fate, then there may be something in the air. When saying that this scenario isn’t entirely based on the Dallas Cowboys, you start by taking a survey of how they might experience further success in the form of the playoffs and what they might still be able to do to get there. Well, winning their own division is the answer to both of those scenarios.

In looking at the Philadelphia Eagles’ schedule from this past Sunday on out, you would have thought that they would pull back even or perhaps even take the lead on the Cowboys in the division, thus making it more likely that things come right down to the wire where they will face each other at the end of the season. The Eagles seem to have different plans though, as they would lose on Sunday to the Miami Dolphins in what was not only a winnable game but one they were supposed to win.

This maintains the Dallas Cowboys’ breathing room in the division at the moment, giving them another chance to get things back on track while certainly still being the outright division leader. From this point on, the Cowboys just need to go out on the field and handle their business, which of course is easier said than done based on what we have seen thus far throughout the season.

As we said the last time we had the chance to get together here, we are not sure if the Cowboys are good enough to make noise even if they were to get to the playoffs, but there is still a chance and a slither of belief left in this Cowboys fan that they can do so. The Philadelphia Eagles slightly reinvigorated that belief again on Sunday.

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So, thank you Philadelphia, from each and every Dallas Cowboys fan. That is the reason though, that if you believe in things like fate, Sunday wasn’t a bad day for you, at all.

Dallas Cowboys: If fate’s your thing, Sunday was your day

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