September 19, 2021

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In My Own Words: This Time, it Counts

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In My Own Words: This Time, it Counts

I had a good offseason and training camp, but that’s not the game. People don’t remember what you did in the preseason. They remember what you did when it counts. I feel like I’ve got the right coaches and teammates around me to push me to keep getting better. I sent Coach Ryans a text before roster cuts just to tell him “I want to be great.” I didn’t want anything from him. I just want him to keep pushing me to be a great football player. My main focus is to be the best football player I can be. It’s not even about people remembering my name. That would be cool too. But doing my job on and off the field is what continues to drive me.

Man, on Saturday, I had to turn off my phone. I couldn’t allow myself to keep waiting for a phone call to determine if I would still be a member of the San Francisco 49ers. I didn’t look at the internet, or go on social media. I was nervous. I knew I’d have the opportunity to play football, but I wanted that opportunity to be here. I played Fortnite at my new apartment to pass the time (Oh yeah, Tim Harris and I finally moved in together this week!). My girlfriend came down here on Saturday so that helped a lot with stress and taking my mind off of things.

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