September 21, 2021

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Insider predicts the Dallas Cowboys will be…

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Insider predicts the Dallas Cowboys will be...

The Dallas Cowboys need a little help getting into the playoffs this weekend. And one longtime insider believes the chips will fall in their favor on Sunday.

The Dallas Cowboys put themselves in an awkward position this Sunday. After sitting atop the NFC East division all year, they lost their first-place status last weekend to the Philadelphia Eagles. And with one game left in the regular season, the Cowboys face a must-win situation against the Washington Redskins just for a chance at the divisional crown and the accompanying playoff berth.

Both Cowboys players and fans will be rubbernecking it on Sunday afternoon, not only watching the scoreboard against the Redskins at AT&T Stadium but also monitoring the outcome of the Eagles versus New York Giants matchup as well. Due to some crafty NFL scheduling, both games will be happening simultaneously.

If New York is able to defeat Philadelphia at MetLife Stadium, Dallas wins the NFC East and a spot in the postseason with a victory over Washington. In turn, if the Cowboys lose to the Redskins or Philly tops the G-Men, America’s Team will have played their final game of the 2019 season.

The odds are not in the Cowboys’ favor. The Eagles have won their last three games including a 23-17 victory over the Giants a mere three weeks ago. Although that Week 14 contest was played in Philadelphia and it took overtime to decide the outcome.

Here’s how insider and longtime writer for Nick Eatman responded during in a Gut Feeling article on the official site about this weekend’s NFC East matchups.

” … something just tells me the Eagles’ luck comes to an end. They’ve been fortunate to beat the Giants in OT, the Redskins in the final minute and then Dallas. I think they go on the road and lose to a Giants team that will probably score some points. Philly’s last two road games are losses to the Dolphins and a last-minute win over Washington. I think they lose and the Cowboys get in the playoffs … “

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Let’s face it. None of the teams in the NFC East actually deserve to be in the playoffs. So expecting the Philadelphia Eagles to show some sort of consistency at this point is fool’s gold. So there is certainly hope for the Dallas Cowboys going into Week 17. Yet, the bigger question might be can any team from this division actually win a game in the playoffs? Let’s wait to see who gets in first, shall we?

Insider predicts the Dallas Cowboys will be playoff bound

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