January 26, 2022

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It seems wide open after the top two

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It seems wide open after the top two

Mike from Franksville, WI

Congrats to Dick Vermeil (and especially Cliff Branch – RIP) on his Hall of Fame finalist selection, but Mike Holmgren is starting to feel as overlooked as LeRoy Butler has been. As far as deserving Packers from the ’90s, what odds would you give Butler, Holmgren, and Sterling Sharpe on reaching the Hall of Fame?

I put Butler at better than 50-50 now to get in at some point. Holmgren’s odds aren’t that good yet, but Wes and I are both in agreement that if Bill Cowher is a Hall of Famer, then Holmgren should be, too. And now that Vermeil is a finalist in the new coaching category, that strengthens Holmgren’s case as well when you look at the resumes. Sharpe probably has the worst odds of the three at this point, but it doesn’t mean he’s any less deserving. It’s just going to take a while for the senior committee to get to him. It took too long to get to Branch, who unfortunately died two years ago.

With regards to taunting, let’s say Adams makes a great sideline catch and the DB was right there with him and almost got a hand on the ball. So as Davante Adams comes back to huddle, he waggles his finger and smiles at the DB who he knows, and says, “I see what you did there with that fancy move.” If you have an itchy flag official, could that be taunting and you take away the fun of NFL?

That very well could happen. Players will have to be careful with any sort of gesture that could be misinterpreted.

Ralph from Monchengladbach, Germany

Hi Mike, could you (or your media guys) bring back the score and field position information in the header section of your game live chat? Will you bring back the MMWC when the season starts?

We’ll look into the scoreboard for the live blog, but there can be intermittent technical issues with it, though, so I won’t make any promises. My mid-week chat will return for the regular season.

How many running backs will the Packers keep on their final roster?

At this point, I’d say three with a fourth on the practice squad.

Sad to hear about Funchess. I was really rooting for him and thought he would have some nice production for us this year. Question, why is his season over by being put on IR? If that’s the case why wouldn’t they just cut him?

Because you can’t just release a player who’s injured. If the Packers reach an injury settlement with Funchess, he’ll be eligible to play somewhere else. He won’t be eligible to return to the Packers, if mutually desired, until three weeks after the settlement expires.

I see why the Packers drafted Kevin King with his measurables – 6-3 and a 4.43 40-yard dash. That can be a very impressive combination. However, in the NFC Championship Game he looked a bit off in his speed. When healthy, does he look like a burner? Any sense of how he is running now? Keep us posted. Whoever plays opposite Jaire Alexander is going to see a lot of balls.

When healthy, King can run. His speed is legit. He wasn’t fully healthy last January, listed on the injury report with a back injury. Again, he’s been limited in practice this month, for obvious reasons given his history, but the plan is to get him to full-participation status soon.

Insiders, from what you’ve seen in camp practices and during the first two preseason games, which of the non-top five receivers has demonstrated the best and most consistent downfield blocking skills? It wasn’t a focus of attention nor mentioned during the telecast and it’s such an important aspect of the position.

That’s a worthwhile question, but I confess I haven’t watched for it much, either. Honestly, I’m just not as hung up on this receiver thing as everyone else is. I said at the start of camp it was pretty clear who the top five would be on the roster, and now we know Devin Funchess won’t be the sixth. With one preseason game left, the competition at safety is way more intriguing to me. It seems wide open after the top two and a regular from last year going on IR this week.