September 27, 2021

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It sounds like Josh McDaniels could leave for head…

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It sounds like Josh McDaniels could leave for head...

Patriots OC Josh McDaniels could seek greener pastures in the offseason.

The New England Patriots have some serious roster blemishes to address, but we’re not so sure they’ll be able to fix them all in one offseason. That obviously isn’t to say they need to enter a complete rebuild, because they have some promising foundational pieces to establish a foundation.

However, a multi-year overhaul might be necessary for them to start competing with the heavyweights of the AFC again. It would also help them retake their place atop the division, because if last weekend’s loss was any indication, this roster is miles behind Buffalo’s.

With this in mind, some veteran members of the coaching staff might not be keen on waiting around to compete for championships again, let alone the playoffs. According to the latest buzz, it’s extremely possible that offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels leaves for a head coaching job once the offseason rolls around.

Per NESN, McDaniels figures to be a hot commodity on the head coaching carousel, which will undoubtedly have at least a handful of vacancies to fill after the final week of the regular season this Sunday.

Not only that, but McDaniels can interview for any job out there since the Patriots failed to make the playoffs and there are already three teams — Falcons, Texans and Lions — who will start the hiring process as soon as humanly possible.

That tally could swell to seven or eight teams if the likes of the Jets, Chargers, Bears, Jaguars and possibly the Eagles hand out pink slips. There are multiple other head coaching candidates ahead of him in the pecking order given how poorly the Patriots’ offense looked in 2020, but by process of elimination he could certainly land some interviews.

Are we guaranteeing that McDaniels finally leaves the Patriots after 12 years this offseason? No, but if the front office can’t get him some better weapons to work with at the quarterback, receiver and tight end positions, he might have no other choice.

Either way, this is definitely something Patriots fans should pay close attention to in the coming weeks.

Patriots: It sounds like Josh McDaniels could leave for head coaching job in offseason