August 8, 2022

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It’s anybody’s guess at this point

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It’s anybody’s guess at this point

Cowabunga, dudes! There can no longer be any doubt, can there? Some players, or at least one of them, reads the Inbox, no? On Monday, you guys published my little character study of this year’s team, wherein I said “Aaron Jones is like a cool little California surfer dude, even though he’s from…Texas?” On Thursday, immediately after his first (very next) touchdown, Aaron Jones swam a few strokes, dropped an invisible ‘board, jumped on and went…surfing! This can’t be a coincidence.

Don’t think that didn’t cross my mind, Dan.

Kristen from Sacramento, CA

Hi Insiders! Tough loss, with way too many missed opportunities, blown calls, and flagrant penalties/dirty plays by Philadelphia. Given all of the bad moments of the night, I have to say one of the bright spots for me was when Maddox got called for PI on Lazard. Maddox was celebrating and wagging his finger at Lazard, and Lazard just looked at him and pointed to the line ref. It was classic. Were you able to see this from the press box?

I did. It was such a savage move by Lazard. I loved how he hopped to his feet at the end, too, and walked back to the huddle.

I am very worried about Davante’s toe. Didn’t a similar injury keep Antonio Gates out for most of a season? Offense couldn’t get into the end zone without him in six tries.

I know the organization is keeping its fingers crossed right now for the two-time Pro Bowl receiver. I know Adams was disappointed he couldn’t finish the game but he’s as tough as they come. You have to be smart and play the long game sometimes. Kudos to the training staff and Adams for not risking anything. We’ll see how things look next week.

Wes, with all the supposed concern for player safety I have an interesting question. On the play where Andrew Sendejo laid out his own player, could the league fine him for that hit? If Big Bob does not duck as quickly as he did, he could have been the one on the ground.

The NFL can fine players on uncalled penalties or plays. We’ll see what the league says about it late next week.

Last night I caught a glimpse as they were prepping Avonte Maddox to be carted off the field of JK Scott leading a prayer with at least one other player. Is he developing into a locker room leader as well as a great punter?

Sure, but I think most of it is Scott is just a world-class human being.

After looking so forward to watching the game, and then watching the officiating crumble on a national stage, when is the NFL going to wake up and make games not decided by the so-called “professional” refs? They even get a timeout to review the play on MVS and still blow the call. The entire planet watching the game knew it was PI. It’s discouraging to have to watch this play out each week for all the teams. Your take on what you saw?

What’s my take? My take is I need a beer…and I don’t even drink.

With two timeouts left we should challenge pass interference on the play that led to the interception because it was.

All reviews must come from the booth under two minutes.

Last offensive play of the game for the Pack, when the interception occurred, I believe pass interference was mentioned by one of the game’s announcers. I felt there may have been interference, as well. ML, I believe, still had available a challenge/red flag. Disappointing it wasn’t thrown. Thank you for your insightful column!

As LaFleur stated, I don’t think it changes anything because the New York office had its mind made up. The NFL has introduced an invasive species to the game with making pass interference reviewable and currently the league office doesn’t appear capable of consistently officiating it.

Do you think coaches will start becoming more resistant toward challenging interference based on games like Thursday night? Aside from the uncertainty of the call, it seems possible the Packers play the final drive differently if they still have three timeouts in their pocket. Does the possibility of losing the challenge and the TO outweigh the potential gain at this point?

I don’t want to belabor this point, but it’s anybody’s guess at this point what’s a catch or constitutes pass interference. While New York technically makes the final call on reviews, it’s become clear through the first month of the season that the original call on the field is the law of the land – and that’s OK. But if that’s the way the game is going to be officiated, I think coaches, players, media and fans deserve a better explanation – not a video saying “the call stands” with a surface-level description. That’s what was great about the Dean Blandino era – its accountability and clarity.

Israel from West Allis, WI

Glad you’re blue in the face, too. Does the team have any recourse to complain to the league about officiating regarding the volume of uncalled personal fouls or the refusal to overturn a blatant PI? Might we get something similar to last year’s Matthews’ form tackle on Cousins, where the refs double-down and the competition committee sets them right?

The Packers can submit the play to the league to get a better understanding of why it was officiated the way it was. Until the next owners’ meetings, that’s it.

Why even allow for the new rule of PI review? The refs are premeditated to let the call stand already. If the MVS play was not clear and obvious then please take away this new rule as it is causing teams to lose valuable timeouts. Thank you.

I think it’s important to point out it was NFL owners and coaches who were in favor of replaying pass interference – not the officials.

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