May 8, 2021

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It’s the Feb. 15 version of the Indianapolis Colts…

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It's the Feb. 15 version of the Indianapolis Colts...

Selection: Christian Darrisaw, T, Virginia Tech

Expert: Dean Kindig, DraftTek

Date of mock draft: Feb. 10 (link)

Analysis: “First off, congratulations to the entire Manning family. We absolutely knew it would happen on the first ballot, but it still feels good to see it: Peyton is headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame!

Speaking of quarterbacks, it’s sure hard to keep up with the rumor mill in and around The Shoe: We’re trading for Wentz! No, we’re trading for Stafford! Guess What?!? Andrew Luck is coming back! Wait, no, it’s definitely Wentz! We’re going after Matt Ryan! Wait, Russell Wilson for sure! Everyone step back from the F10 key, take three deep belly breaths, and think about this: By the time the draft rolls around, they will already have a vet QB in this here paddock. They have $60M+ cap space for Free Agency. Using a BPA strategy in the draft could provide the vet QB plenty of OL depth, a groomable rookie QB with upside, a speedy waterbug WR with quicks, and some key pieces on defense (EDGE, CB).

Do the Colts need Christian Darrisaw as their RD1 pick? Well, I’d like you to watch the Colts’ LT during this outside-zone run play. Now imagine you could have any OT from this draft whose specialty is outside zone. Well, you just drafted him. Read about Darrisaw here. You’ll thank me later.”