August 3, 2021

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Jamal Adams repeats desire to leave Jets with…

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Jamal Adams repeats desire to leave Jets with...

Jamal Adams sounds surprisingly cool and unemotional about wanting to leave New York.

Right now, the odds are as good as ever that critically disgruntled New York Jets All-Pro safety Jamal Adams is either floating in a sensory deprivation tank halfway to achieving universal oneness or that he’s levitating a few inches above a bed of lotus flowers as he cleanses each chakra one by one from root to crown.

You’d almost swear he wasn’t locked in a bitter, uproarious divorce battle with the only NFL employer he’s ever known.

Earlier this week, Adams made it clear that he’s done with the Jets if they’re unwilling to hand him a super-rich contract extension here and now despite two seasons still remaining on his rookie deal. Entering the weekend, he only doubled down — but surprisingly sounded anything but bitter in doing so.

Jamal Adams repeated a previous Instagram comment he made about his tenure with the Jets, insisting again that “it’s time to move on”

“No hard feelings. Nothin but luv,” the man himself wrote on The Gram. In the span of a few short days, the gritty defensive back went from Marriage Story to Frozen.

With the dispassion of a cloistered monk, he said it himself.


“Turn away and slam the door,” he surely whispered to the heavens from the top of East Rutherford, New Jersey’s tallest mountain.

If the Jets don’t end up trading Adams before Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season, they can bet that this Zen-like version of the man will surely give way to what he’d consider fully justified anger. Until then, however, he’s actually doing them quite the favor by doing something other than embracing full-on histrionics.

That gives Joe Douglas and Co. some breathing room here that they didn’t even really earn. And it’s on them to find a new home for their star safety before his civility dissipates.

Jamal Adams doubles down on demand to leave Jets with surprisingly Zen-like IG comment

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