June 17, 2021

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Jamal Adams will ‘get bored’ with Seahawks: Jets’…

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Jamal Adams will 'get bored' with Seahawks: Jets'...

Gregg Williams gave the Seahawks some bulletin board material for their Week 14 game against the Jets.

The Jets defensive coordinator took a little swipe at the Seahawks’ defensive system, suggesting it is not as complicated as his system. It came in reference to safety Jamal Adams, who was traded to the Seahawks last month by the Jets. Williams was asked if not having Adams will change how he uses his safeties.

“It really doesn’t. We’re very multiple with how we do those things anyway,” Williams said.

Then, he delivered a jab.

“Jamal may get bored there because they don’t use their safety-type things with all the complexities … maybe not showing what they’re doing as much as we do,” Williams said.

It is well known that the Seahawks run their Cover-3 defense without many bells and whistles. They don’t disguise what the do pre-snap very much, choosing instead to just line up and play. The system has worked well for them. Pete Carroll built one of the best defenses of the decade with his “Legion of Boom” secondary in the early part of the 2010s. It resulted in two Super Bowl appearances and one title.

Jamal Adams bored Seahawks Jets Gregg Williams
Gregg Williams and Jamal Adams in 2019Bill Kostroun

Williams praised Adams but said his focus is on the players still with the Jets. He said he’ll fit his defense to the skillsets of the players he has. Marcus Maye, Bradley McDougald and rookie Ashtyn Davis are the team’s top safeties now.

“We’ll do still the same patterns of things,” Williams said. “We’ll still do a lot of the same exact things. But we’ll highlight the people we have here. As you saw what we did there was he had maybe his most productive year here because of how we highlighted the skillset he has. I’ve had a lot of really, really good guys at that position. Over the years, I’ve had a lot of good safeties to be able to build things around. Now, it’s the next man up.”


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