August 3, 2021

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James White breaks down in postgame discussing his…

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James White breaks down in postgame discussing his...

Patriots RB James White broke down after Monday night’s game while discussing his late father.

The Patriots would have loved nothing more than to come away with a victory over the Chiefs on Monday night following running back James White’s return to the field. However, woeful quarterback play made that task legitimately impossible, despite the fact that Patrick Mahomes had (for his standards) an off night.

White, of course, missed the previous two games after losing his father, Tyrone, to a car accident shortly before the Patriots’ primetime matchup with Seattle back in Week 2. The three-time champion was inactive for that tilt, and his teammates, playing with heavy hearts, gave him an awesome tribute after scoring a defensive touchdown in the first quarter.

Two weeks obviously isn’t anywhere near enough time to reckon with such an unspeakable and sudden tragedy, so White deserves tremendous credit for mustering the courage to return to the field on Monday night.

After the game, White was understandably emotional while speaking about his father, who he said played a major role in his decision to start playing football. It’s extremely difficult not to get choked up watching footage from the interview.

White talking with tears in his eyes just speaks volumes to how close he was with his father and the impact he had on his life, as well as the proximity to the tragedy. It would’ve been totally understandable if the 28-year-old was off his game versus Kansas City, but that simply wasn’t the case, as he compiled a team-high seven receptions for 38 yards and added 21 yards on three carries in the running game.

The next segment of White’s postgame interview was equally gut-wrenching. The Patriots veteran came close to breaking down while discussing the texts his father used to send him the day before games to get his mind right, but he pushed through it and provided a truly wholehearted answer.

White’s mother, Lisa, was also involved in the accident and was taken to a nearby hospital, where she was said to be in critical condition. In much needed good news, White revealed earlier in the interview that her health is steadily improving, which (along with football) is helping ease his mind.

This is still an incredibly difficult time for White and his family, and our thoughts continue to be with them as they try to get through it.

Patriots: James White breaks down in postgame discussing his father

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