February 25, 2021

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Jeff Garcia should be embarrassed for childish Cam…

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Jeff Garcia should be embarrassed for childish Cam...

New England Patriots QB Cam Newton got lambasted by former 49ers QB Jeff Garcia for his outfits on Sunday. Adorably outdated take!

The San Francisco 49ers exposed plenty of problems with the Patriots on Sunday evening in Foxborough, powering through the defense and overwhelming the offense to the tune of a 33-6 victory.

But apparently, on-field domination wasn’t enough for former 49ers journeyman QB Jeff Garcia, who announced his presence as a local postgame analyst on Sunday night by being extremely annoying.

Garcia, who never won an MVP, never appeared in a Super Bowl, and rarely was considered to be at the top of his field, unleashed a bizarre rant about Newton’s outfits that it felt like he’d been building for quite a while. Unfortunately, it was so old-school and stale that it might’ve been straight out of the Facebook comments section of a picture of John Hannah this past summer.

You have to be really desperate to file away a “Cam Newton clothing” rant for after your team has just thoroughly demolished the Patriots. Imagine watching Deebo Samuel, Fred Warner or Jeff Wilson and thinking, “Man, later I’m going to eviscerate the other team’s QB’s pregame outfit!” Relevant stuff.

Garcia stumbled and gagged his way through a take so boring that it might as well have been dictated from a string of text messages from the uncle you don’t talk to very often.

To our QB’s credit, he saw through the noise (as he often does) and defanged Garcia’s take by, well, agreeing with it.

Then again, you’re not going to see Newton changing his ways anytime soon. This is who he is. It certainly wasn’t a problem after the Seattle loss or at 2-1, and it won’t be a problem again in the not-so-distant future.

But guys like Garcia, who seem to forget what it was like when they were stars, will never be satisfied. Perhaps he’s just depressed and realizing he spent all those years in the spotlight without ever developing a personality?

Patriots: Jeff Garcia should be embarrassed for childish Cam Newton take

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