August 4, 2021

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Jerry Jeudy surprises his mother with a huge…

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Jerry Jeudy surprises his mother with a huge...

“I’m sorry that I can’t be down there with the situation I’ve got going on with football,” Jeudy told her in a prerecorded video. “… But I did want to tell you happy birthday, and you know I love you. Since I can’t be down there for you, the surprise that I’m going to give you is, like I told you when I was, I forgot how old I was, but I remember telling you I was going to be the first one and I kept my word. I wanted to tell you that for your birthday, I’m going to get you a house of your choice. Whatever house you want is yours. Happy birthday, I love you.”

His mother, clearly stunned, wiped away tears.

In a separate video Jeudy posted on Twitter, he recapped his path to the NFL, including how he begged his mother to let him play football despite his size in middle school.

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