May 22, 2022

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Jerry Jones is setting Mike McCarthy up for…

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Jerry Jones is setting Mike McCarthy up for...

The Dallas Cowboys have a front office problem. Jerry Jones is setting his own team up to fail, and fail in an epic fashion. It makes me sick to my stomach, but it appears that is the only outcome after this mess he has created. It’s a heavy thing to say, but it is the truth, and it is becoming more and more present each passing day.

There are instances where Jones is garnering spotlight via interviews saying half-truths and half-lies that are for no other purpose than creating publicity. What about treating your current head coach like a backup option in case the prettier girl becomes single? Jones is doing that as well.

This isn’t how successful teams operate. It isn’t a healthy work environment, and it doesn’t create the chance for McCarthy to operate freely. Jones has created this toxic environment and it seems he has done it both on purpose and thinks what he is doing is proper. I know there is a division amongst Cowboys fans on their feelings about McCarthy, and that is okay. I probably agree with points from both sides. But that isn’t the point of this article.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is setting up a toxic work environment for Mike McCarthy with his attention-grabbing and unnecessary comments

Whether or not you are a fan of his coaching is irrelevant. This is a matter of how he has been set up to fail no matter what happens.  Like Lauren discussed in her article, McCarthy himself said he has never experienced an environment like this or had to deal with this type of situation from the higher-ups. That quote says a lot, especially regarding the drama he endured with Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

Honestly, it’s just simply embarrassing that this is why the Cowboys are constantly in the news right now. We are in the news because our owner is headline hungry. To get attention, he has set his current head coach up with a no-win situation. Unbelievable. Truly unbelievable stuff is being displayed here. McCarthy may even realize that with the candidness of his comments.

Imagine showing up to work one day only to be told your boss openly said that you should know someone else is going to come to take your spot. What a confident booster right there, Jerry! Nothing would make me want to work hard and give it my all like my boss telling the entire country that someone else can come do it. What an absolute joke.

From the comments about Dan Quinn becoming the head coach that were clearly constructed to make waves to the constant questioning of McCarthy openly, it’s all upsetting. Jones can’t help himself but create messes in the media that seep internally and cost this team games. In my eyes, if McCarthy has issues next year, the owner is the one to blame due to creating this environment where success is all but impossible.

Jones has created a situation with no other outcome aside from failure and it isn’t fair to anyone else in the organization. No other front office does this and stirs up these negative headlines. The Cowboys front office needs to realize that and stop making their own media waves and realize the task at hand is much more important than a few early offseason headlines. If only the Cowboys had a true separation of GM and owner.

Cowboys’ ugly truth: Jerry Jones is setting Mike McCarthy up for failure