March 1, 2021

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Jerry Jones throwing Ben DiNucci under the bus is…

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Jerry Jones throwing Ben DiNucci under the bus is...

Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones doesn’t think his starting quarterback Ben DiNucci was ready to play in their matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles.

After the Cowboys‘ absolutely embarrassing Sunday night loss to the barely better Philadelphia Eagles, Jerry Jones wasn’t bashful about his team’s and more specifically, his quarterback’s preparedness for the matchup.

Once Dak Prescott went down with his gruesome leg injury in Week 5, Andy Dalton was suited to step in and hopefully right the ship for America’s team. The nine-year veteran would lose two starts before being awfully concussed and knocked out of the lineup for a few weeks himself. That left us with none other than Ben DiNucci.

A nationally televised 23-9 Sunday night loss didn’t impress ownership or Cowboys nation much. DiNucci threw for 180 yards and completed 21 of 40 passes for zero touchdowns in his first NFL start. Jerry Jones took to the radio to voice his displeasure with DiNucci’s performance.

Ouch. Nothing gets a player more riled up for a game like being thrown under the bus by the guy who signs his checks, right?

Though it was his first crack at manning the Cowboys’ sinking ship, many Cowboys fans questioned whether or not the team should think about tanking the rest of the year. It seems they may be heading in that direction whether they want to or not, with a third-string quarterback and a defense that can’t stop a running nose.

They will have to find some faith in Jerry’s World as Dak is definitely out for the year and there’s no timetable on when Andy Dalton will be back in the lineup. DiNucci had better be prepping for this Week’s matchup with the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers who are showing no signs of slowing down.

Jerry Jones throwing Ben DiNucci under the bus is perfect for the Cowboys

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