Jets have played a gauntlet of quarterbacks and embarrassed all of them

Jets head coach Robert Saleh was thrilled with the way his defense shut down Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts on Sunday — and with the way his defense has played against every quarterback it has faced this season.

Saleh praised his defense after Sunday’s win and said that every quarterback who plays the Jets gets “embarrassed.”

“Our defense, per the usual, outstanding,” Saleh said. “Through these first six weeks, we’ve played a gauntlet of quarterbacks. I know we haven’t gotten all wins, but we’ve embarrassed all of them. Just really, really proud of the defense and its resolve. I thought Brick and his staff had an excellent game plan, down three corners, four of our six corners. I thought our d-line was good in terms of keeping him in the pocket — he’ a handful, Hurts, their o-line, their receivers, but our guys battled all the way through.”

So far this season the Jets have faced Josh Allen, Dak Prescott, Mac Jones, Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson and Hurts. Against that group of quarterbacks, they’ve yet to give up a 300-yard passing game, and they’ve grabbed eight interceptions. To say the Jets “embarrassed” all of them may be a bit of an overstatement (Prescott probably didn’t feel embarrassed after the Cowboys’ 30-10 win over the Jets), but the Jets’ defense has played very well, against a good schedule and without Aaron Rodgers, and the Jets have every reason to be proud of their 3-3 record at the bye.


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