May 21, 2022

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Jets’ Zach Wilson eager to learn, grow from rookie…

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Jets' Zach Wilson eager to learn, grow from rookie...

One year ago, Zach Wilson was getting ready to hear his name called in the NFL draft. The Jets selected him with the No. 2 overall pick. After a rocky rookie season, Wilson is looking forward to his second year and getting ready to take advantage of the experience he gained in 2021.

“I’m not out here necessarily learning the very basics of the offense anymore, now we’re expanding trying to take it a little bit further and how can we make those corrections,” Wilson said in a Zoom press conference Wednesday, his first interview since the end of last season. “The best part is I have that film of the good plays, but also the bad ones. The bad ones are the best ones to watch. How can we correct those and how can I be better, how can we be more efficient? The coaches have a lot of things they’re changing as well that we think can be better for us next year, just adapting to the roster that we have. So, I really think these weeks coming up, of just being able to watch some tape, practice some stuff on the field, still take care of our bodies and then just being around the guys is definitely needed, for sure.”

Wilson has heard the rumors about the Jets trying to trade for a wide receiver, namely the 49ers’ Deebo Samuel.

Zach Wilson threw nine touchdowns and 11 interceptions in 13 games for the Jets last season.
Zach Wilson threw nine touchdowns and 11 interceptions in 13 games for the Jets last season.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

“Obviously, Deebo is a great player. There’s definitely no hesitation there,” Wilson said. “Of course, anyone I think those guys are going to bring in that free-agency market would be, obviously a benefit for us, depending on what we’d have to give up or whatever, that’s not up to me. I guess all I can say is I really just trust what Joe [Douglas] and those guys are thinking about. Whatever decision they happen to make there I’m going to be happy with it.”

Wilson said he is excited about the team’s plan and trusts the organization to get things right. He has heard them say numerous times this offseason that the plan is built around helping him become the best quarterback he can be.

“I appreciate their confidence in me, and I think they understand that quarterback efficiency in this league, overall, not even just in my standpoint, it’s how you win games, it’s how you be explosive on offense,” Wilson said. “So, I need to do my part, I need to get better, I need to let the guys around me make the plays that they were brought in for. I’m excited that we’re in that process of building it together and we all get to kind of ride the wave together as well.”

Zach Wilson fumbles the ball in a game against the Falcons last season.
Zach Wilson fumbles the ball in a game against the Falcons last season.
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Wilson said he has tried to add weight “the right way” this offseason and wants to keep it on during the season. Wilson also spent time working on his relationship with his receivers. He took trips to Tennessee, Florida and Arizona to have throwing sessions with them.

“I thought it was very efficient,” Wilson said. “I think that stuff kind of goes a long way. These receivers, they want to be great. My job is to let them be great and to get the ball into their hands.”

Offensive tackle George Fant said his representatives have spoken with the Jets about a contract extension. Fant is in the final year of his contract.

“We’ve talked. We’ve definitely had some conversations about it,” Fant said. “I know my agency and the Jets have had conversations about it. I’m not rushing. When it’s time for it to happen, it will happen.”

Fant said he underwent arthroscopic surgery on his knee after the season, but will be ready for training camp. He and Mekhi Becton will be competing for the starting left tackle job.