August 4, 2021

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Joe Burrow creates hunger relief fund

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Joe Burrow creates hunger relief fund

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Bengals rookie quarterback Joe Burrow is using his platform to raise money for people in need.

Burrow has announced the creation of the Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund at the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio, which will fight poverty and hunger in the area of Ohio where Burrow spent his teenage years.

“There’s a lot of people who are struggling right now without jobs, the economy is starting to open back up but people are still struggling now from the time it was closed,” said Burrow. “The faster we get this off the ground, the more people it can help.

Burrow went to high school in The Plains, Ohio, which is 150 miles east of Cincinnati. After winning the Heisman Trophy for LSU last year, he gave an acceptance speech in which he discussed the problems of poverty and hunger facing Appalachia, and since being drafted by the Bengals he has said that’s a cause he will champion in the NFL.

Joe Burrow creates hunger relief fund

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