April 17, 2021

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Joe Burrow gets hit low, leaves game after…

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Joe Burrow gets hit low, leaves game after...

Bengals fans are holding their breath after Joe Burrow left Sunday’s game following a low hit on his leg. 

Joe Burrow’s amazing rookie season came to a screeching halt on Sunday after he took a low hit to his leg and needed to be carted off the field.

The injury occurred in the third quarter of a game Burrow was single-handily keeping the Bengals in, which has been a theme throughout his first season in the NFL. Almost as soon as he was hit, Burrow grabbed his leg and writhed in pain.

FOX thankfully didn’t show a slow-motion replay of the injury, something that CBS was heavily criticized for following a similarly horrific injury suffered by Dak Prescott earlier this season. It’s a brutal injury that you don’t need to see multiple times, as Burrow’s plant leg gets bowed and then collapses as his entire body weight falls on top of it.

Let’s spare hyperbole, this sucks. It sucks for Bengals fans and it sucks for anyone who enjoys football.

Appreciating how special Burrow looked this season didn’t require a lot of effort. Burrow was on pace to shatter rookie passing records and looked like a sure-fire Rookie of the Year winner. It’s not often that we see a No. 1 overall pick live up to the hype as quickly as it appeared Burrow was, but now all of that is on hold.

The severity of Burrow’s injury isn’t known yet, but he was immediately carted off the field and taken back to the Bengals locker room.

Joe Burrow gets hit low, leaves game after horrific leg injury (Video)

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