April 11, 2021

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Joe Burrow’s dad tries to tamp down speculation…

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Joe Burrow’s dad tries to tamp down speculation...

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Jimmy Burrow said he can’t figure out where all the chatter about his son not wanting to play for the Bengals is coming from.

Even though most of the chatter — which leaves plenty of room between the lines — is coming from the mouths of his son and those around him.

The father of the LSU quarterback sent a text to Jeremy Rauch of Fox 19 in Cincinnati disputing the suggestion they didn’t want to end up with the Bengals with the first pick.

“Not sure where that information is coming from,” Jimmy Burrow said. “We are all excited that Joe has put himself in a position to be considered as a possible high draft choice.”

To recap, for the sake of Mr. Burrow, here’s where it’s coming from:

First, former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer said the Bengals weren’t serious about winning Super Bowls. Then, Burrow hired Carson’s brother Jordan Palmer to train him this offseason. Then, Joe himself said he wanted to play for a team “committed to winning Super Bowls,” which sounds a lot like what the first Palmer was saying. Then, former Bengals wideout T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who is also working with Burrow, said they weren’t disparaging the Bengals but that they should “strongly consider” any gigantic trade offers they might get.

Other than that, Mr. Burrow, it’s totally coming from nowhere, an invention of the subversive and evil national media.

If the Burrow family really wanted to kill this speculation, they could use some of these media appearances which they say they’re tired of doing but keep doing anyway to say something along the lines of: “We can’t wait to be Bengals and we’re totally fine with five years in Cincinnati.”

Until they do, they leave the door open for speculation that they’re not really interested in that happening.

Joe Burrow’s dad tries to tamp down speculation they don’t want to be Bengals

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