September 19, 2021

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Joe Mixon feels ready to go after “quarterback…

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Joe Mixon feels ready to go after “quarterback...

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The Bengals saw wide receiver A.J. Green get injured in their first practice of the preseason, which made it all the more important that they made it to the regular season with a healthy Joe Mixon in the lineup.

Head coach Zac Taylor’s plan for getting Mixon to that point didn’t include much preseason work. Mixon played three snaps in August and otherwise watched others go through the motions during the exhibition season. That’s a change from past seasons, but not one that leaves Mixon feeling unprepared for what’s to come.

“Zac gave me basically the quarterback treatment over the preseason. It’s been great. Trust me, I’m ready to go,” Mixon said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The Bengals’ actual quarterback didn’t get that treatment as Andy Dalton played 44 snaps in the preseason, but Mixon figures to make up for lost time quickly as the centerpiece of the Bengals offense.

Joe Mixon feels ready to go after “quarterback treatment” in preseason

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