December 5, 2021

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John Harbaugh: Message from loss to Bengals same…

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Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens

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The last two weeks for the Ravens are a prime example of how quickly fortunes can change in the NFL.

Week Six saw them rout the Chargers 34-6 to spark discussion about their place among the top teams in the AFC. Week Seven brought a very different result, however.

The Bengals scored 28 straight points in the final two quarters to beat the Ravens 41-17 and spark questions for head coach John Harbaugh about his message to the team in the face of the loss. He said it’s the same one he delivered after beating the Chargers.

“We played our worst game of the season, worst game in a long time,” Harbaugh said. “Bengals played very well, they were very prepared and played a great game. It’s week to week. A week ago, we’re being crowned the best ever and we’re sitting there saying ‘Whoa, whoa, it’s one week.’ Now you wanna say ‘What’s wrong with the run game, what’s wrong with the pass game, you guys are terrible.’ We’re like ‘Whoa, whoa, it’s one week.’ It’s the same message from us.”

Harbaugh noted that the only thing guaranteed as a result of the loss is that the Ravens will finish somewhere between 15-2 and 5-12 on the season and we’ll see which direction they head after they return from their bye in Week Nine.

John Harbaugh: Message from loss to Bengals same as it was after beating Chargers